“I marvel at all CAWI does each year. There are so many interesting and important projects and initiatives underway, both external and internal to CAWI. It’s really impressive.”

Jill Wigle, volunteer and former CAWI board member

How we’re evolving our structure

We’re currently experimenting with a sociocratic organizational structure. It’s our hope that this structure will allow our staff to share power more equally. It should also allow our grassroots members to hold more power. This journey will continue well into the years ahead. We’re excited to see where it leads us. Learn more about how we’re evolving our structure.

Our board of directors

  • Jenny Gullen
    Jenny Gullen (she/her)
    Board Co-Chair
  • Delores Peltier-Corkey
    Delores Peltier-Corkey (she/her)
    Board Co-Chair
  • Mary Ellen McDonald
    Mary Ellen McDonald (she/her)
    Board Treasurer
  • Darleen Kaboni
    Darlene Kaboni (she/her)
    Board Secretary
  • Nayeli Sosa
    Nayeli Sosa (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Deborah Sogelola
    Deborah Sogelola (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Claudia Lahaie
    Claudia Lahaie (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Nene Salimatou Barry
    Nene Salimatou Barry (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Andrea Balfour
    Andrea Balfour (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Sado Ibrahim
    Sado Ibrahim (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Sawsan Al refaei
    Sawsan Al-Refaei (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Rasheedaht Sulaiman
    Rasheedaht Sulaiman (she/her)
    Board Member
  • Khrystal Sturridge
    Khrystal Sturridge (she/her/they/them)
    Board Member

Our staff

  • Valerie Stam
    Valerie Stam (she/her)
    Operations Director
  • Morissa-Dalia Ellis
    Morissa-Dalia Ellis (she/her)
    Programs Director
  • Hana Aman
    Hana Aman (she/her)
    Administrative Coordinator / Social Enterprise Coordinator
  • Sweta Daboo bio picture
    Sweta Daboo(she/her)
    Civic Engagement Coordinator