CAWI Board Recruitment

Passionate about gender equity, municipal issues, and social justice? CAWI is recruiting for 4 board member positions. If you have experience in urban planning, legal/regulatory matters, advocacy, communications/social media/public relations, HR or fundraising, or identify as someone underrepresented in municipal processes, submit your interest by August 1, 2022.

About City for All Women Initiative:

City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) ensures that gender equity is systematically considered in municipal policy and practice by working with decision-makers to make Ottawa a more inclusive city. We do this by working alongside diverse women with lived experiences of marginalization and with community organizations to train them and support their capacity building, civic engagement, and collective advocacy.

CAWI is a non-profit organization searching for 4 new volunteers for our board of directors.

Growth Management Strategy: Intersectional Equity and Inclusion Analysis

Holding the urban boundary line – accompanied by proper zoning laws and land around transit dedicated to affordable housing - is necessary so that many in this city can live an improved quality of life. Urban expansion is expensive for the City and taxpayers. Investments in healthy intensifications and social infrastructure will save the City and taxpayers money, improving the quality of life for all in the City of Ottawa.