Action Forum: Campaign Against Cuts to Social Assistance

The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) invites all residents of Ottawa to join us for an evening of organizing action against the provincial cuts to social assistance. The provincial government is making changes to the social assistance system in Ontario. Some of the announced and proposed changes threaten the wellbeing of low income and vulnerable individuals, and pose a risk for those with disabilities. Join us to learn more about the changes and become part of a movement to build and sustain a #cityforall

  • Learn more about the planned and potential changes to social assistance and how this can affect you, your family or someone you know.

  • Find out what you can do to encourage and support low income people and organizations who assist them

  • Join others to tell MPPs to stop the cuts to social assistance

  • A team of legal workers who specialize in social assistance law will be available to answer questions

  • Knowledge is power and together we can tell the Ontario government not to make people with disabilities, low income families and children pay for government cuts!

A place called home cover image

A Place To Call Home

Ottawa is experiencing a housing crisis, which is having a disturbing impact on the lives of women across diversity in our city. In March 2019, City for All Women Initiative, in partnership with community organizations who are daily witnesses to the cost being paid by the women they serve, convened a forum: Housing for a Diversity of Women. This report offers insights provided by the 130 people in attendance, combined with supplementary research, so as to inform the refresh of the City of Ottawa 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. Applying an intersectional gender lens to housing is one step toward actualizing the Women and Gender Equity Strategy to which City Council committed in the 2018 Governance Report.