Why we oppose Bill 23

The member organizations of the People's Official Plan (POP) coalition reject Bill 23 on the basis that it will not meaningfully increase affordable housing nor take into account environmental and food security impacts while also contributing to costly expanding sprawl. The proposal will lead to environmental destruction during a climate emergency, when we need to be protecting the green space, watersheds and foodlands we have left. The host of policies proposed in Bill 23 are detrimental to legitimate and pressing concerns, including homelessness and core housing needs, food security, climate risk, affordability, urban trees and parks and public engagement in the planning process.

Municipal Election Candidate Pledge - A City for All

The results are in! Click on the links below to find out which candidates have committed to our 2022 Ottawa Municipal Election Pledge - A City for All! Thank you to all the candidates who have replied. Keep reading for the full text of the pledge.