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A Place To Call Home

Ottawa is experiencing a housing crisis, which is having a disturbing impact on the lives of women across diversity in our city. In March 2019, City for All Women Initiative, in partnership with community organizations who are daily witnesses to the cost being paid by the women they serve, convened a forum: Housing for a Diversity of Women. This report offers insights provided by the 130 people in attendance, combined with supplementary research, so as to inform the refresh of the City of Ottawa 10 Year Housing and Homelessness Plan. Applying an intersectional gender lens to housing is one step toward actualizing the Women and Gender Equity Strategy to which City Council committed in the 2018 Governance Report.

Provincial Funding Cuts – Our Communities at Risk

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Make Your Concerns Known

Great news. Premier Doug Ford has reversed his government’s announced plan to cut funding for public health, land ambulances and childcare funding in 2019. This is an encouraging sign that he will respond when residents express their concerns about the impact of reductions in social programs. However, there are signs that proper funding for these important services may still be at risk in 2020 and beyond.

We encourage you to write to your MPP and to Premier Ford to let them know how important it is that plans to cut public health, land ambulances and childcare funding have been reversed because you value these services. Join with members of Ottawa City Council to let the Provincial Government know that there needs to be meaningful conversations with cities and communities to fully understand the impacts of any future funding reductions.

At the same time, you can express your concerns about other cuts that were announced in the 2019 Provincial Budget: