Strengthen equity and inclusion in your organization and community. Our social enterprise uses engaging methods and diverse facilitators to help clients create transformative social change.

What sets us apart?

Diverse facilitators from the community

“We break down walls by being ourselves.”

Our facilitators are diverse women from Ottawa-Gatineau with lived experience of marginalization, who’ve been thoroughly trained in popular education methods. They combine personal and professional experience to amplify traditionally marginalized voices and guide dialogue about their own communities.

Experts in navigating challenging topics

“Participants come to a lightbulb moment.”

We create powerful experiences for authentic change. Our facilitators always work in teams of two or more and are supported by a community of care. This helps us create safer and braver spaces where difficult topics are discussed with respect. Our approach is grounded in the popular education model which starts with participants’ lived experiences and leads to transformative action.

Leaders in systemic change

“CAWI has credibility and a history.”

CAWI has been delivering tangible outcomes for communities, municipalities and organizations since 2004. We’ve built a trusted reputation through our compassionate and impactful work. By hiring our social enterprise, you’ll support change within your organization and far beyond it.

When you engage our services, you’re giving diverse women an opportunity to develop their facilitation skills and achieve greater economic security.

Explore our services

Training for teams and facilitators

We develop customized training to meet your organizational context and goals. You can choose between online or in-person sessions, depending on public health direction. Training can range from a 90–minute workshop to a multi-day course.

Create a space where everyone belongs and thrives! In this training you’ll learn how to identify and address inequalities using an equity and inclusion lens. We’ll explore the specific challenges faced by people at the intersections of multiple oppressions, including women, girls and non-binary people. We’ll use a structural power analysis to plan for transformative action.

We can customize your training to help you apply the equity and inclusion lens in specific contexts, such as community health or municipal government.

Learn how to disrupt racism and oppression in interpersonal relationships and systems. Our workshops range from a basic introduction to more advanced training. You can choose to cover topics such as:

  • Bias awareness
  • Intersectionality and positionality
  • Discrimination
  • Different levels of racism
  • Everyday microaggressions
  • Colourism and its roots in colonization
  • Allyship

“There is power in these interactions when a racialized woman is holding the space.” – A CAWI Facilitator

This training is designed for facilitators outside of CAWI who want to deepen their understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion and apply these principles in their practice. You’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare a welcoming workshop
  • Ensure all voices are heard
  • Practise inclusive facilitation
  • Adapt participatory approaches to online learning environments

Community Dialogue

We act as facilitators, moderators and researchers to support your community dialogues and community-based research. These services are ideal for organizations who’ve developed their own content or who want to shape content with us. For example, we facilitated a series of focus groups on the City of Ottawa’s Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan, summarizing the results in a report to help develop the second phase of the plan.

We typically work on projects that align with our values.

Equity and inclusion lens application

We help organizations apply equity and inclusion in their everyday work. This service often complements our equity and inclusion lens training. It can include:

  • Equity and inclusion assessments and research
  • HR reviews and audits
  • Advice such as how to develop an equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) committee
Get in touch to discuss your organization’s needs and how we can support you.

Who we work with

We look for a commitment from organizations and communities to contribute to greater social equity, inclusion and justice. Our services are designed to support authentic change, not as one-off exercises that ‘tick a box.’

Clients who benefit from our services include municipalities, community health centres, women’s organizations, academia, labour unions and non-profits. We also support individual learners such as facilitators, adult educators and EDI specialists.

Here are some of the organizations we’ve worked with:

  • Belleville Quinte West Community Health Centre

  • Christie Lake Kids

  • City of Ottawa

  • Cornerstone Housing for Women

  • Country Roads Community Health Centre

  • Rideau Community Health Services

  • Somerset West Community Health Centre

  • The Chinese Canadian Collective

  • University of Ottawa Student’s Union

Equity & Inclusion Lens Handbook

The equity and inclusion lens is like a pair of glasses. It lets you see things from a new perspective. You can use the lens in your everyday work to contribute to the full inclusion and participation of all residents and employees.

“Even though I have a background in this area, it doesn’t mean that when doing my work, I will always remember to consider equity and inclusion. This tool helps me to be consistent.”

Program Manager, City of Ottawa

Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook Community Resource