An Intersectional Feminist Recovery Toolkit for Municipalities

An Intersectional Feminist Recovery Toolkit for Municipalities

City for All Women Initiative’s Intersectional Recovery Toolkit builds off of CAWI’s A Municipal Gendered Recovery Plan for All. The toolkit recognizes the need to address recovery from an intersectional feminist lens and offers concrete tools for feminist organizations to advocate for a feminist recovery plan.

This toolkit shows ways to adapt CAWI’s 5 Point Plan policy recommendations for your own municipality. It also offers sample tools for you to influence the development of future Municipal Strategic Plans and other related government documents that are part of the annual municipal business planning cycle.

You can use the tools offered in this toolkit as a starting point to put together advocacy tools such as letters to your political representative, fact sheets or policy briefs.

In addition to the 5 point plan offered here, your organization can add other important issues relevant to your constituents. For example, transportation has a significant impact on the wellbeing of women in predominantly rural areas.

Examples of recommendations could be access to safe public, affordable, accessible, 24/7 transportation; modernize public transit ; or increase more frequent and accessible rural and regional transportation especially for Indigenous women and girls (Theme 5 of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls).