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For the second year, CAWI Summer Bash is happening in Vincent Massey Park, on the sheltered area S2 (map below). It is a great opportunity to celebrate in person our achievements, and enjoy a day with laughter, music and good food. This year, we invite everyone to share a dish that is significant in their family or culture – or just something you love! Be sure to answer if you are bringing an appetizer or a sweet treat.

Here is some more information about our day – below you can see a map with the exact location where we will be – Picnic area S2.

– You can reach Vincent Massey Park by the bus routes 88 (Hurdman-Terry Fox) and 111 (Carleton-Baseline), using the bus stop Heron/Riverside.

– The park has washrooms open all day.

– There are water fountains in the park. If you can, bring your reusable bottle to cut on single use plastics and other disposables.

– The parking lot fare is $2 per hour, with a maximum of $8 per day. They accept payments by credit and debit cards, and cash. At the exit gate, you can only pay by credit card.

Everyone is welcome and we encourage you to bring your family to our day!