Hands and arms in different skin tones on the bottom, with CAWI and the City of Ottawa logos on top, with a yellow background

The City of Ottawa will officially launch its first Anti-Racism Strategy soon in the spring, and CAWI is the host of one of this sessions! The community townhall is part of the City’s effort to demonstrate transparency, accountability, collaboration, and trust building with community members, leaders and organizations. It aims to communicate with the community its commitment to anti-racism and the journey ahead to integrate racial equity into all City operations. Come learn about the strategy and give your opinion on Wednesday, June 14th, from 4:30 t0 6:30 PM, at Rideau Community Hub – former Rideau High School (815 Saint Laurent Blvd).

City staff and councillors will present the strategy, and also will be in the event to listen to people’s input to it. The consultations about the Anti-Racism Strategy goal is to build knowledge and contribute to map key issues, risks and opportunities in implementing the strategy  , engage in dialogue with community groups on trends, community concerns and best practices for action , and identify opportunities to further the progress of the strategy within the City and in programs and services .

Register on Eventbrite by the link https://shorturl.at/ms137 and come have your say!