Women's Eyes on Draft City Budget 2015 - Key Issues and Questions

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Women’s Eyes on the Draft City Budget 2015


Decisions about the City Budget affect our everyday lives. 


See attached: “Women’s Eyes on the Draft Budget 2015”with key issues and questions you can ask your Councillor.    Please print, use and share in your networks.


Let your City Councillor know your views before March 11th vote on the budget.


How can you give input?


Contact the Mayor and your City Councillor directly. You can send them an e-mail or call their office.


Present your views at a Standing Committee or Board of Council:

Any resident or organization can make a 5 minute presentation on budget issues related to the committee’s area. Come and show your support by wearing a peach scarf when CAWI presents at the Transit Commission and Community and Protective Services Committee:

    • Environment Committee – Tax-supported – Tuesday, February 17, 9:30
    • Transit Commission – Wednesday, February 18, 9:30
    • Community and Protective Services Committee – Thurs, Feb 19, 9:30
    • Police Services Board – Monday, February 23, 5:00
    • Planning Committee – Tuesday, February 24, 9:30
    • Ottawa Board of Health, Mon, March 2, 5:00
    • Finance and Economic Development Committee – Tues, March 3, 9:30
    • Transportation Committee – Wednesday, March 4, 9:30
    • Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee – Thursday, March 5, 10:00

Your view matter!