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Press Release: 64 Organizations Unite with Proposed Solutions to Ottawa’s Housing Crisis

Every person deserves a safe, stable and affordable place to live. More than 45,000 families in Ottawa do not have housing they can afford. Ottawa is facing affordable housing crisis.

To address this crisis, we are asking the City to:

  • invest $12 million over and above federal and provincial grants to create new deeply affordable housing;
  • pass a strong citywide inclusionary zoning by-law that ensures 25% of new development is dedicated to affordable housing and places a special emphasis on deeply affordable housing within 1 km of rapid transit stations;
  • Ensure that all available government-owned land within 1 km of current & future rapid transit stations is used for non-profit and co-op housing; and
  • Create a 2019-2022 Term of Council Priority that integrates transit and planning, with clear, affordable housing targets

Let's make affordable housing a priority in Budget 2019 by taking these easy steps:

  • Write a letter to the Mayor and your Councillor by using this template, or better yet write your own words. Don’t know who is your City Councillor, find out here.
  • Sign an online petition
  • Attend City Councillor led consultations and express your concerns on affordable housing
  • Attend an Affordable Housing Rally on Feb 6, 9 am, City Hall, Marion Dewar Plaza, Laurier entrance. (proceeding the release of the draft budget at 10 AM in the Council Chambers). Note: with construction on Elgin, parking under City Hall fills quickly, take the bus or come early to find alternate parking, if needed.
  • Attend a Forum on Women and Affordable Housing, Feb 12th, 6:00-8:30, Jean Pigott Hall, City Hall, to hear how the housing crisis is putting women and their families at risk. See details and register here.
  • Sign up here to speak at the Planning Committee (Feb 14) and Social Services Committee (Feb 21)
  • Encourage friends to take action

Women's Action Forums

Since 2004, CAWI has hosted over 30 Women's Action Forums that have enabled women to discuss emerging issues at City Hall, presented over 40 Deputations to Committees of City Council, trained over 200 women as more informed city-decision makers, and provided advocacy on social issues that have impacted diverse communities. Read more about CAWI's impact.

Women's Action Forums, held 10 times a year at City Hall, are lead by women and all are welcomed. These forums are where women learn about issues arising in the city that directly impact their daily life, including childcare, public transit, food, employment housing, etc.

Women have worked in Advisory Committees with City staff to hold focus groups and surveys in their communities so as to inform city planning.

And we have fun, using creative expression to engage our communities and share our views with City Council: skits, spoken word, video, songs, postcard campaign and even ‘Peach Papers’.

The Civic Participation Kit provides easy-to-read information on how to bring your views forward to city decision makers. Our Views Matter brochure, which gives an even shorter overview, is available in seven languages to distribute in your community.


CAWI supports women to influence City decision makers on issues of importance to them and their communities by presenting deputations. A deputation is a formal written or verbal presentation to make your views known to City Council.
City Council provides opportunities for citizens, community groups and agencies to present deputations. Learn more in How City Government Works.


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