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Honeywell Room, City Hall, 110 Laurier
Thursday, 26 January, 2012 - 13:00
Event Details: 

opening the doors to city hallCity Council is undertaking a governance review that will impact how you can provide input on the city's direction and services.
Working with community partners, CAWI has presented to City Council, a paper, "Making Ottawa's Municipal Governance Equitable and Inclusive".
We call this a "Peach Paper".

In December, we met with the mayor's office to discuss our recommendations and community partners have sent letters of support (CAYFO, OLIP, Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres).

At this forum, we will discuss the content of the paper and what we can do to work with Council to make our city a place where all voices can be heard.

Presenters include:
Caroline Andrew, Centre of Governance, University of Ottawa

Refreshments will be served.

Reimbursing Expenses: We have limited funds for those of us who need to have childcare, bus tickets or transportation reimbursed in order to participate. Help us keep parking costs low, by taking the bus or trying to find a parking spot that is free.

CAWI (City for All Women Initiative) is a unique collaborative of women from diverse communities, organizations, and academia working with municipal decision makers to create a more inclusive city and promote gender equality.