Municipal Election 2018

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What you can do:

  • Support the Candidate of Your Choice We need more women and people of diverse backgrounds on City Council.   We need candidates who support creating a City for All.  Find them, and volunteer for their campaign. 


  • Visit City for All Survey to see how City Council candidates stand on issues such as affordable housing and transit, being an inclusive city, social services, women’s bureau and taxes to ensure community needs are met.


  • See City for All Brochures (available in English, French, Spanish, Somali, Arabic and Chinese) to find out about why municipal elections matter, when and where to vote, how to select a candidate and make sure they know your views.







  • Petition for Affordable Housing near Light Rail. Join with Making Voices Count, Healthy Transportation Coalition, and other organizations, as we obtain 1800 signatures before the election. You can download a copy of the petition in English or in French. Or complete it online by clicking here


  • Visit “Now What?!” Platform. OCTEVAW  (Ottawa Coalition To End Violence Against Women) and partners who have developed a campaign platform that incorporates many of the issues we are raising in City for All Asks. See here their excellent on-line platform. 


  • Raise the issues that matter to you with you candidate at the door, at community events and at all Councillor debates.  


  • Vote