Video unveils women’s electoral concerns (en anglais)

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Published by: Metro, Date: June 22 2010, Media: Online News

There is no better time than during an election to influence government policy, according to spoken word artist Beth Schilling. With that in mind, Schilling and 25 women from the City for All Women Initiative have released a video of a poem to call attention to the issues they feel are important in the upcoming municipal election. “We’re hoping with this video production that the candidates will hear what people want and will respond, so we can have a more democratic and inclusive Ottawa,” said Schilling.

CAWI member Linda Kinsella said they would prefer that transit fares hold steady for a while, but if they have to go up, then  keep them to the rate of inflation. CAWI also wants the city to increase subsidies for child-care spaces in the communities. She said too often women have to travel a long distance to find a day-care space for their child. Kinsella said they also want to make sure that the funds made available to the city when the provincial government uploads the cost of the Ontario Disability Support Program go toward health and social services. “That money comes from the social services budget, so rather than going back into the general coffers, we would like it to go toward social services,” said Kinsella.

While the CAWI is not strictly out to support female candidates, Kinsella said there is a bit of concern with the low number of women running for council. As of yesterday, 15 out of almost 90 candidates were women. (en anglais)