CAWI French Immersion Opportunity for Immigrant Women

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City Hall, 110 Laurier Ave West, Billings Room, 2nd Floor
Vendredi, 12 Avril, 2013 - 13:30
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CAWI French Immersion Opportunity for Immigrant Women

A French immersion school on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec has offered CAWI the opportunity for six immigrant women to receive free French classes for two weeks in the fall 2013 (September or October). The women will live in a cottage in the country, receive French lessons every morning and be accompanied to experience the community and practice French every afternoon. The only cost to participants is the cost of gas to the Gaspe (14 hour car ride), cost of meals when travelling and cost of food for meals to be cooked in the cottage by the participants.

How is this possible? Because the director of the Immersion Baie- des- Chaleur is a generous woman inspired by the work of CAWI, as an immigrant to Canada herself, recognizes that the beautiful Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec and immigrants can learn from each other.

CAWI invites immigrant women to apply to be one of the participants in this amazing experience. Please complete the attached application and return to Suzanne Doerge, by May 20, 2013. We will review applications and select a date that works for the women who are selected.

Criteria for being selected include:
• Have at least beginner intermediate French. This could include taking a French class between now and the fall.
• Be an immigrant who is not fluent in French.
• Have contributed to the aims of CAWI as a volunteer or participant in CAWI’s programs, or in the community at large.
• Able to make arrangements with work or family to be away for 16 days, in the Fall 2013.
• Can share the cost of gas and meals to be cooked in the cottage

Note: would need one or two participants to have a car they can drive.
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