CAWI has been working for 10 years to promote gender equality by advancing equity and inclusion for all.
Municipalities and women’s organizations work together to advance equity and inclusion in cities. Check out our newly released guide for municipalities!
The City of Ottawa collaborates with CAWI to implement equity and inclusion practices to achieve a city for all.
An intersectional approach informs CAWI’s gender equality practices so as to take into account the full diversity of our communities.

Did You Know?

Why Equity and Inclusion?

Municipalities, communities and organizations are stronger when the contributions of ALL people are taken into account. Women and girls face specific inequities, especially if they are racialized, Aboriginal, LGBTQ, newcomers, older adults, young, living with a disability, and/or living in poverty.

By applying an equity and inclusion lens that addresses gender differences, along with other social inequities, communities can become places for ALL people.

City for All Women Initiative is an organization of women from diverse communities, organizations, and universities working with city decision makers to create a more inclusive city and advance gender equality. Learn more about CAWI.