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CAWI is a unique collaboration of women from diverse communities, organizations, academics and municipal decision-makers in the City of Ottawa. Decisions are made through various participatory consensus-based processes including: a Steering Committee composed of women of diverse ethno-cultural backgrounds, Aboriginal and francophone representation, two academics, two city managers and staff.

Steering Committee  Women's Action Sub-Committee


Terms of Reference:


Steering Committee

Inclusion Values:

We value the knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of the full diversity of women - of all races, cultures, languages, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, levels of income, ages, and disabilities, and other women under-represented among our city's decision-makers.

  • We believe that building upon diversity can help us create a more inclusive and equitable city.
  • We work together in ways that are responsible and supportive to each other.
  • We create an environment where every woman feels safe, welcomed, and respected at all times.
  • We make decisions that are open and inclusive in the way they are made, communicated and implemented.

Peer Mentoring

We each have something to learn and to teach. Women work as co-chairs and committee members sharing our ideas and learning from each other. In this way, we support each other in taking action, in contributing and in our professional development.

CAWI’s Steering Committee:

Community members:
Sado Ibrahim, Chair
Jenny Gullen, Vice Chair
Mary ellen McDonald, Treasurer
Aysegul Aykol Kocabas, Secretary
Kelsey Lemon
Valerie Assoi
Andrea Balfour
Delores Peltier-Corkey

1 City Representatives:
Sawsan Al-Refaei - gender Specialist, City of Ottawa
Stephanie Stewart - Program Manager, Workplace Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Branch, City of Ottawa

2 Academics:
Pascasie Minanie Passy - University of Ottawa
Jill Wigle - Carleton University

Valerie Stam, Executive Director
Hana Aman, Administrative Coordinator
Joël Jones, Business Manager
Laïs Maurilio, Communications Coordinator
Laura Shantz, Civic Engagement Coordinator, on leave.
Pei-Ju Wang, Education Coordinator

Women’s Action Sub-Committee

The Women’s Action Sub-Committee of the City for All Women Initiative will listen to women and be aware of what is happening in the City of Ottawa so as to identify women’s concerns to be addressed and ways for addressing them. This will be done in keeping with CAWI’s strategic directions, principles and philosophies, mission and mandate.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Plan and facilitate Women Action Forums;
    • Extend invitation to women to participate in forums;
    • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment;
    • Identify guest speakers and presenters for Women's Action forums;
    • Participate in Women Action Forums on regular basis as a place for learning from the community;
  • Listen to the concerns women are raising and develop an action plan to address the concerns;
  • Keep informed about issues arising at City Hall that are of interest to women and their communities;
  • Send communiqués to City council on behalf of the Women’s Action Forum.

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